Rainbow beads

Little Love has now started holding objects in her hand. She turned seven months this May.She’s become active than before and is able to sit for longer periods.Though she can sit independently with very minimum support,she gets tired after some time.To keep her interest alive I have started introducing colours subtely in graded format.

We do not wish to promote any flashy colours and follow the principle less is more.Rainbow colours being my favourite,

My new DIY purposeful activity object


MATERIALS: Just two things!

  • Wooden Beads and a string

I chose Five colours

 Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red.I put them in graded order to look harmonious.

A string to rope them in and fastened with knots.I used two of same kinds.Viola! You are done!


 Can be used as a hanging mobile for cots and strollers.

Can be made into bracelet circle as well to grasp,hold and observe.


Make sure the beads are tightly fastened on a strong sturdy string to avoid choking hazard.

Babies mouth objects hence never leave them unattended with materials like these with small parts.


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