Back to a new start

Ever wondered How it is to stop a running mill Shut down the shutters Wind up everything you had Giveaway most of your belongings..yes you heard it right And move to another place And start with scratch Right from the beginning Well, it happened to us.. Not once..but twice Nevertheless beginning A brand “new beginning with lot of hope, faith, belief and a whole bag of trust Maybe this could be an exciting adventure after all..which we could never imagine even in our wildest dreams!!!! Praying to stay strong!!! Its taken me three months to bring myself after “returning” to write again Wouldn’t like to put up a face and pretend. Every small thing reminded me of our life and stay “there” It became our home..but didn’t think it would be such brief time Tailspins in life …they are very real! The best thing..the most precious thing which we cherish and have it real everyday in our hands and as feast of our our little bundle of joy..who is not so little anymore. She happened “there”


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