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A new mother to a precious lil doll, Trying out new stuff, stepping into unknown territory A beginner "to" many things! And I believe it is an amazing start!!! I also spend my time pursuing my passion of Teaching young minds at school. These Early Years Learners bring me much joy and are a thorough source of inspiration.

From Wrapping paper to Buntings..DIY Art

I have some serious love for buntings…So for Little Love’s First Birthday and to pep up her nursery brought my pair of scissors, laminating machine to some use..

Call them paper garlands or streamers or banners.

Decided to make my own set of DIY buntings.

Two major things required

  1. Coloured/printed paper of your choice.

2.Laminating sheets/pouches

And yes a lot of patience and precision required too.

I bought few gift wrapping papers from DMART.. for a tenner or so for each. You can also choose any prints of your choice.

I also upcycled a happy birthday print unused gift wrapping paper and gave a fresh leash of life by laminating and cutting them for Happy Birthday banner. Chose to cut them in rectangles and strung a ribbon through it.

Laminated them..Viola!! Hang those pretties using a ribbon or a string!!

They were done!Of course it wasn’t a five minute job..the major time consuming part was cutting them into triangles..

I initially chose a template, but as it progressed. I decided to cut them in various angles to obtain different prints..In my case ..had few papers with stripes so was looking for vertical,horizontal and diagonal stripes.

Mixed and matched with florals and stripes!

And boy, they look absolutely splendid to me.

If you are drooling over the cute embroidery hoops ..head to the next post!

If you happen to make yours do share the pictures or even made it some other way..

If you like the post..leave some love in the comments.

Peace and Love


Back to a new start

Ever wondered How it is to stop a running mill Shut down the shutters Wind up everything you had Giveaway most of your belongings..yes you heard it right And move to another place And start with scratch Right from the beginning Well, it happened to us.. Not once..but twice Nevertheless beginning A brand “new beginning with lot of hope, faith, belief and a whole bag of trust Maybe this could be an exciting adventure after all..which we could never imagine even in our wildest dreams!!!! Praying to stay strong!!! Its taken me three months to bring myself after “returning” to write again Wouldn’t like to put up a face and pretend. Every small thing reminded me of our life and stay “there” It became our home..but didn’t think it would be such brief time Tailspins in life …they are very real! The best thing..the most precious thing which we cherish and have it real everyday in our hands and as feast of our our little bundle of joy..who is not so little anymore. She happened “there”

Rainbow beads

Little Love has now started holding objects in her hand. She turned seven months this May.She’s become active than before and is able to sit for longer periods.Though she can sit independently with very minimum support,she gets tired after some time.To keep her interest alive I have started introducing colours subtely in graded format.

We do not wish to promote any flashy colours and follow the principle less is more.Rainbow colours being my favourite,

My new DIY purposeful activity object


MATERIALS: Just two things!

  • Wooden Beads and a string

I chose Five colours

 Blue,Green,Yellow,Orange and Red.I put them in graded order to look harmonious.

A string to rope them in and fastened with knots.I used two of same kinds.Viola! You are done!


 Can be used as a hanging mobile for cots and strollers.

Can be made into bracelet circle as well to grasp,hold and observe.


Make sure the beads are tightly fastened on a strong sturdy string to avoid choking hazard.

Babies mouth objects hence never leave them unattended with materials like these with small parts.


   Everybody loves celebrations.There might be very few people who will beg to differ from the above statement.Some might be a silent spectator if not an active participant.Sitting, may be standing or half reclined in a self-isolated corner and observing from a tilting distance all the fun happening admist around them but by choice not directly involved.A self chosen way of celebration!

So after all we did have our share of celebration of our Half Birthday..Yayy..finally the thought received some kind of credit.It was done in my own way of minimalism.I’m trying to promote this idea in my head to have best of both worlds…Err..thats not honest though.Though I have started believing in being minimalistic and purge our lives from the unrequired things..which we keep hoarding for some day or for something which unfortunately never find its due worth and perhaps goes in thrash or always stays hiding.

(This being one of  my desire to learn, declutter, execute and follow this approach)

Well I do want to do things without posing much harm to our pockets and be able to do something  instead of nothing!

So as little as she is ..we had a little celebration, we dressed her in one of the few girly things we possess as we are seemingly outgrowing our beautiful clothes at a very fast pace and I do not wish to hoard more clothes and other reason being my better half doesn’t approve of lil girly things for reasons best known to him.Oh if I start the saga of clothes they would never end..In my excitement I bought huge stock from both India and locally..

And believe me..She outgrew 90% of them in just matter of three months.Even when the label said 6-9 months or few even 9-12 months.These tags can be quite delusional combined with a fact with lil big baby..fitting into majority of clothes was difficult.Blessed to have a plump lil one.

Some day I wish to make some crafty things from some of them!That was one perfect example of figures of speech..hope you remember your school days.Guess..Repetition!Bingo!So I do not want to be another hoarder.

This pastel ensemble was lovingly sent by my sister-in-love across the borders. We cut our cake sans any candles as I couldn’t think of ways to depict the fraction 1/2 then and now, as I write my mind is bursting with ideas of how I could’ve easily managed! Nevertheless a lesson learnt with little planning ahead better results can be obtained. I thought of having a placard stating “Half Birthday” but ended up writing in a small whiteboard.Truly time and tide waits for none..Wish I practice and manage more within the limited frame!can see the strong implications of the lines now..Though the prop was quite a pretty thing in its own a retro announcement on a blackboard with the difference being the reverse;whiteboard with black marker..

Taking pictures was a Herculean task.We  tried distracting her to look at our so called “camera” the smart phone which works best in instant world.We got other things to catch her attention but all went flop!In all my attempts I failed miserably to capture the “perfect shot” alsk we had to keep the “half cake” intact to avoid being smash cake for now..So it stayed away from her..And all I could manage was this!

The “half cake ” is a story in itself. I really wanted to stick to the idea of half.Likewise I wasn’t even okay to buy a whole and then cut it into half!“Being Minimalist”..haha
Neither I was ready to goard the extra pieces and add to unwanted elements in the body.Nor did I wanted to spend for the customised version.So we settled for in between..with three pastries combined together to give a look of “half” a cake..And hello..doesn’t beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.It might not look to others..but I decided in my mind it looks so and it was absolutely yummilicious with a sweet concort of cream and “red velvet” though it lacked the right texture of the authentic.nevertheless it didn’t disappoint with the taste! All said and done..I still succeeded in making a memory for the event be it so small as this.This could have never been achieved without the support of my better half,who gladly changed his mind to celebrate some frivolous thought of mine.Much ado.

In our quest to aim for grander and perfect celebrations with many and inadvertently not have one, it is better to have something even if its a sloppy and meant just for ourselves.

Yes I would like perfection but if I am unable to reach it within my abilities at present..wouldn’t it be much better to try something which might not even reach the set standard but a satisfaction of a successful attempt..

I leave you with this thought! It applies to many of our situations and also to many areas of our lives.

So, welcome to this brand new site..

Lil bub turned six months one way to celebrate is expressing our happiness,thoughts and views over here.My first page is solely dedicated to her.I suppose,will come up with something in the evening to mark the day in a small way, wish I had more supporters on my side at home to celebrate even if its not an actual birthday!After all ,who does not like celebrations..

Together with her we have turned six months old as well.Six months old parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts etc.Six months since we first held her in  our when you say “bundle of Joy” its exactly a Bundle, which is rolled,wrapped and swaddled with squishy little face peeping out,eyes and fists closed tightly..occasionally squirming with soft cries.I must have used this term invariably umpteen number of times in writings,greetings,wishes etc but never understood the real meaning of it till ..our “bundle” was actually placed in my arms.Joy came home in literal sense,out from the abstract to something tangible which held our hearts and hands! When babies are born, they do evoke strong emotions and its a beautiful feeling indeed!

They change us in so many ways,the normal course of life suddenly takes a different route and it comes so naturally as if we were naturally conditioned for it.It is like,out of the blue your awareness about zillions of things gets activated.One starts monitoring their “movements” to be as silent as it could to avoid waking the baby. Tiny humans might look as if they are sleeping soundly but the tiniest of noise is enough to start the wailing.They absolutely detest if there’s any interruption of sleep.Why would they not, there are times when we as grown up are capable of doing  (if allowed) the wildest acts in reciprocation when a light strikes our faces as a light source is put on in a dark room.

The door knobs, the handles are gently handled..and care is taken to knock instead of ringing the door bell, so are the opening and shutting of varieties of things you can think of under the sun.All kind of screeching and squeaking noise makers are strictly monitored.The place kitchen in my opinion has the highest source of noise making elements!And yes we are faced with this burning question almost everyday…Being from an Asian home how do you avoid the use of a pressure cooker?