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So, welcome to this brand new site..

Lil bub turned six months old..so one way to celebrate is expressing our happiness,thoughts and views over here.My first page is solely dedicated to her.I suppose,will come up with something in the evening to mark the day in a small way, wish I had more supporters on my side at home to celebrate even if its not an actual birthday!After all ,who does not like celebrations..

Together with her we have turned six months old as well.Six months old parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts etc.Six months since we first held her in  our arms..now when you say “bundle of Joy” its exactly a Bundle, which is rolled,wrapped and swaddled with squishy little face peeping out,eyes and fists closed tightly..occasionally squirming with soft cries.I must have used this term invariably umpteen number of times in writings,greetings,wishes etc but never understood the real meaning of it till ..our “bundle” was actually placed in my arms.Joy came home in literal sense,out from the abstract to something tangible which held our hearts and hands! When babies are born, they do evoke strong emotions and its a beautiful feeling indeed!

They change us in so many ways,the normal course of life suddenly takes a different route and it comes so naturally as if we were naturally conditioned for it.It is like,out of the blue your awareness about zillions of things gets activated.One starts monitoring their “movements” to be as silent as it could to avoid waking the baby. Tiny humans might look as if they are sleeping soundly but the tiniest of noise is enough to start the wailing.They absolutely detest if there’s any interruption of sleep.Why would they not, there are times when we as grown up are capable of doing  (if allowed) the wildest acts in reciprocation when a light strikes our faces as a light source is put on in a dark room.

The door knobs, the handles are gently handled..and care is taken to knock instead of ringing the door bell, so are the opening and shutting of varieties of things you can think of under the sun.All kind of screeching and squeaking noise makers are strictly monitored.The place kitchen in my opinion has the highest source of noise making elements!And yes we are faced with this burning question almost everyday…Being from an Asian home how do you avoid the use of a pressure cooker?